Laser Treatment Of Nail Fungus Doctor in Kansas City - KC Foot Care

Published Sep 28, 21
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Laser Treatment Of Nail Fungus Doctor in Kansas City - KC Foot Care: Thomas Bembynista, DPM

Laser Treatment Of Nail Fungus Doctor in Kansas City - KC Foot Care: Thomas Bembynista, DPM



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KC Foot Care: Thomas Bembynista, DPM
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KC Foot Care: Thomas Bembineasta, DPM
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Welcome to the podiatry practice of Dr. Thomas Bembynista, serving Overland Park Kansas and North Kansas City, Missouri. Our Overland Park office is at college Blvd and Antioch in the Bank of America Building and the North Kansas City location is at Green Hills Rd. and Barry Rd. Dr. Bembynista offers expert podiatric services and focuses on patient care and responding to individual patient needs.We treat Nail Fungus, Heel Pain, Plantar Fasciitis, Bunion’s, Ingrown Nail’s, Plantar Wart’s, Hammer Toe’s, Morton’s Neuroma, PRP Platelet Treatment, Tailor’s Bunion, and we make Custom Made Orthotics. He also on an outpatient basis treats using Advanced Techniques bunion surgery, lapiplasty and 3D bunion surgery. When treating patient’s we always use conservative treatment before ever considering any type of surgical correction of the problem.

Dr. Bembynista is originally from Chicago but has been practicing in Kansas City for 38 years. He is married to the love of his life Barbara for 41 years and has a son. My philosophy is always to put the patient first, time will always be taken to listen to your problem and review treatments. Each care plan is tailored to your individual needs. We use advanced technology with digital x-rays, lasers, and instructional videos.We accept all major insurance’s ie Blue Cross, United healthcare, Aetna, Medicare, Geha.

Dr. Bembynista is also Board Certified by the American Board of Podiatric Surgery. He attended medical podiatry school in Chicago and did his training here in the Kansas City area in 1982. Both he and Barbara so loved the area they decided to stay and raise their family here.

Laser Treatment Of Nail Fungus Doctor in Kansas City - KC Foot Care

You may feel pain from your arch or heel towards the center when you first stand up after a long period of sitting. This is heel pain, also known as plantar fasciitis. This is one of the most common conditions. This condition is caused when the plantar facia pulls away from the heel bone. This is a common problem among children aged 8-12. We use the terms plantar fasciitis and heel spur interchangeably to describe heel-type pain. There are many structures attached to the heel bone. There are two main structures that attach the heel bone: the plantar fascia and/or plantar muscle. The arch is flattened when we walk, cycle, or run. This puts stress on fascia and pulls away the heel bone. This is called bone spur. Spurs can take years to develop. It could be caused by heel nerve pain, bone and fascia pain, or even heel nerve pain. A heel spot might be revealed by Xrays. They can be very tiny or very large. Sometimes the size of the spur may not be related to the level or intensity of pain. The pain can be exacerbated by poorly fitting shoes. It is important to find the right fit for your feet, not just the price.

Where Can I find Laser Treatment Of Nail Fungus Doctor in Kansas City?

It is essential that you measure your feet every year if you want to find new shoes. Good lateral support shoes should be well cushioned. Plantar Fasciitis/Bone Spurs symptoms. The pain can be felt in the arch, or in your heel. It can get worse if your sit down, but it will gradually improve over time. Pain can be caused by the plantar and fascia muscles pulling away from the heel bone. It is the nerve which runs along the side and causes the pain. Plantar Fasciitis treatment or Bone Spurs Heel Spurs may be caused by inflammation where the plantar fascia enters into the heel bone. A conservative approach can be used to treat the condition in 98% cases. If there are traumas, a physical exam may need to be done. Trigger point injections with mild steroids can be given to reduce heel pain. It usually takes one to three visits to the office to receive an evaluation and injectables.


Laser Treatment Of Nail Fungus Doctor in Kansas City You can use dehydrated injections of alcohol to treat nerve-related pain. The arch must be supported by an OTC support prior to treatment. This can be wrapped in reusable wraps. Orthotics that are custom made can often be the best for long-term conditions. These orthotics can be made of flexible material and can be worn in both gym and formal shoes. Two options are available to treat heel pain that continues after treatment. One is to use shockwave therapy or platelet rich plasma (PRP), injections. While surgery is very rare nowadays, Tenex, an innovative procedure, is available if required. This procedure allows for healing and removes any damaged tissue. For heel pain in Kansas City, call KC Foot Care.

Who Is The Best Laser Treatment Of Nail Fungus Doctor in Kansas City?

"Our COVID-19 procedure and guidance has come from the CDC. Dr. Bembynista brings 38 years of experience. Patients come first and treatments are based on the best possible outcome. To ensure patients understand the options available, we will provide detailed information about diagnosis and treatment plans. We treat many problems, including heel pain, plantar faciitis, nail fungus and heel pain. We also do custom orthotics, surgical corrections of bunions, ingrown nails, hammertoes, Morton's neuroma, and use PRP for Achilles tendinitis or fasciitis. Many procedures can be done within the office setting to save cost but if necessary a surgical center is available. We accept all major insurance's ie Blue Cross, United healthcare, Aetna, Medicare, Geha."

(Where can I find a Heel Pain Doctor in Overland Park).

Best Laser Treatment Of Nail Fungus Doctor in Kansas City - KC Foot Care

"I just finished the initial 4 weekly cold laser treatments for my toenail fungus and the results are truly amazing! My toenails are finally clean and smooth after several years. I'm so grateful that Dr B recommended this easy and pain-free solution. I just had to sit relax in his office for only 12 minutes once a week. Dr B is very knowledgeable and caring. He clearly explained the best treatment option in a straightforward manner. At the same time, he has a great sense of humor which made me feel at ease. It was always a pleasant experience visiting the office. Cindy and the rest of the staff are very welcoming and personable. I would highly recommend his services to family and friends!"

Patient Review

"Not sure where to start Dr. B is amazing and his staff is equally as amazing. I have an extra bone in each foot which needed to be removed. Dr. B gave me the initial diagnosis which floored me. So I decided to get another opinion from an orthopedic physician before deciding where to get the surgery. After the consultation with the orthopedic physician I had no doubt that I was going back to Dr. B hands down. The orthopedic left me with more questions then answers. I know I can be a bit "high maintenance" with that being said Dr. B gave me all the answers before I even asked the questions he was accessible even after my surgery and his follow through throughout my recovery was impeccable. I could go on and on and want to briefly let you know that I had my surgery at the surgicenter in JOCO and the staff there as well was outstanding from start to finish."

Patient Review

Foot care is never pleasant but Dr. B is so great you forget you are there for care. He is so knowledgeable and explains everything He is gentle and is concerned about your comfort and making sure you are comfortable. I will never see another podiatrist for care. If you need his service, once you meet him, you will know you have made the right choice. I went to him for bunion removal almost 25 years ago and have never had another problem with bunions. He is absolutely the GREATEST!!!!

Patient Review

Laser Treatment Of Nail Fungus Doctor in Kansas City- How Much Does It Cost

Although they may seem easy to accept, it can prove difficult to make progress without them. When your feet hurt, you may find it hard to pay attention to other things. Make sure your feet are healthy and happy.

Every day your feet receive a lot. If you ignore small issues, they can quickly turn into serious problems. Make sure to check your feet for any cuts and sores. Also, look out for discolored or missing nails.

They sweat as you walk. It can cause fungus if your shoes trap moisture between the toes. This could cause athlete's feet. It is not recommended to heat the water used for washing your feet. It should be somewhere between 90 and 95°F.

Although it may seem obvious, many people don't dry their feet properly. It's not only the tops and bottoms that matter: Make sure to get between your toes, as this is where fungus can cause most problems.

Massage with a ball and roller are great for your feet. They can help with conditions such as plantar faciitis. This is a condition that occurs when you use your feet too much. Talk with your doctor to determine which stretching techniques are most effective for you.

Exercise can improve blood flow and help you have healthier feet. You don't necessarily have to run a full marathon unless you wish to. Walking, biking, swimming, dancing -- even gardening -- will work. Make sure you find the right shoe for your feet and talk to your doctor.

What Is The Best Heel Pain Doctor near Kansas City

To learn more or to schedule an appointment, please call (816) 455-3636.

Which Is The Best Laser Treatment Of Nail Fungus Doctor in Kansas City - Custom Orthotics

Laser Treatment Of Nail Fungus Doctor in Kansas City

What is a Custom Made Orthotic and what are its advantages? The custom-made Orthotic is designed to alleviate foot pains like plantar, heel and knee problems. The orthotics are created using a computer scan of your feet that shows the foot in an unweight bearing posture. They can be uncomfortable and difficult to wear. Flexibleness is key to getting a perfect fit. You can place your foot in a foam-filled box to get commercial support products like GoodFeet and Ideal Feet. This can lead to a less than perfect fit. Dress shoes can also have orthotics. To ensure the best fit, dress orthotics should be worn with a pair of shoes. You can customize orthotics to fit your shoes in full length.

We don't make rigid orticles. They can cause pain and discomfort in the feet. What problems can orthotics solve and how do they help? Orthotics can be used for many reasons. They can reduce lower back discomfort by correcting foot function, shock absorption, foot function and proper foot function.

Orthotics can help with the following: Plantar Fasciitis Neuromas Bunions Sheel Pain Dr. Bembynista diagnoses and recommends the best orthotic. We can provide custom orthotics. These are made from hand and can be customized to fit your needs. The turnaround time for these orthotics is approximately 2 weeks. You can choose the orthotic that suits you best, whether it is a sport type or a dress style for high heels. An image of your feet is used to create the orthotics.

Where Can Laser Treatment Of Nail Fungus Doctor in Kansas City

How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Foot Doctor In Kansas City


Best Laser Treatment Of Nail Fungus Doctor in Kansas City Near Me

Podiatry defined:

 A podiatrist (or doctor of podiatric medications) is someone who is trained to treat the foot, ankle or related structures of your legs. Common foot conditions include bunions, hammertoes, plantar fasciitis and neuroma. Podiatrists can also treat injuries to the foot and ankle such as stress fractures and sprains. A podiatrist receives four years of training in podiatry as well as three year of hospital residency. You can choose to specialize in surgery, sports medicine, wound care and diabetes care.

Kansas City

Kansas City (also known as KCMO, KCMO), is Missouri's biggest city by area and population. According to U.S. Census Bureau the city had a total population of 508,090 at the 2020 census. It was the 36th most populous U.S. city. It is the most populated municipality and historic core city of the Kansas City metropolitan area, which straddles the Kansas-Missouri state line and has a population of 2,192,035. While most of the city can be found within Jackson County's boundaries, portions extend into Clay Cass, Platte, and Cass counties. Kansas City was established in 1830s to be a port on the Missouri River at its confluence with Kansas River, which came in from the west. The city of Kansas was founded on June 1, 1850. Shortly after that, the Kansas Territory was created. They were confused, and Kansas City was created to separate them.

It lies at Missouri's western boundary with Kansas. Downtown is close to the confluences of the Kansas River and Missouri Rivers. The area of the city, which covers about 319.03 hectares (826.3 km2) makes it the 23rd largest US city. It serves as one of the two county seats of Jackson County, along with major suburb Independence. Blue Springs, Missouri, and Lee's Summit are the other major suburbs. Kansas also has Overland Park and Olathe. Kansas City, Kansas is another.

The city is composed of several neighborhoods, including the River Market District in the north, the 18th and Vine District in the east, and the Country Club Plaza in the south. Kansas City jazz, theater that was at the heart of the Vaudevillian Orpheum Circuit in 1920s, the Chiefs-and Royals sports franchises and Kansas City-style BBQ, Kansas City Strip Steak and craft breweries are some of its most celebrated cultural traditions. The city was ranked as a gamma- global city in 2020 by GaWC.

Overland Park:

Overland Park Overland Park, Kansas is the second most populous U.S. state. It is located within Johnson County and is also the 2nd-most populous Kansas City city. The population of the city was 197.238 as of the 2020 Census. The Sprint World Headquarters Campus was once located here until T-Mobile's merger in 2020.

Overland Park has its roots in 1905. Its founder William B. Strang Jr. began to build subdivisions along an ancient military road. This route later became the city’s principal thoroughfare. Strang was responsible for large portions of what became Overland Park's central area.

Overland Park, a city of first-class with a population 28855, was officially incorporated on May 20, 1960. The following decades, like hundreds of suburban American cities, were remarkable. In 1990, the population had almost quadrupled to 112,790. This was less than 30 years after it began. Although it slows down a bit, the population grew nearly three decades later to 173,250 according to the 2010 census. Overland Park officially became the second largest city in the state, following Wichita, Kansas, after passing Kansas City, Kansas in the early 2000s.



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